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Extreme Sport Toe Socks

Are you into sports? Here at Bodymax, we’re invested into ensuring that your active lifestyle is supported to the best of our ability. Each toe sock is treated meticulously with an anti-bacterial regiment to resist bacteria, germs and fungal infections despite the humid environment. Crafted with the smoothest of combed cotton, these socks are also soothingly cool and absorbent, keeping your feet refreshingly dry and hygienic especially in the little crevices between toes. The highlight of Extreme Sport Toe Socks, as contrasted with other sports socks, is that movement is not restricted at all with the freedom of each individual toe to shift and wiggle about. 

Coupled with all the benefits of toe socks, these socks are sewn with a reinforced rib welt at the top to prevent any slipping and to securely stay in place regardless of sweat or vigorous activity. Not to mention the special structure of the heel, ankle and arch regions to mould to the subtle contour of each foot, a better grip is conferred upon the athlete.



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